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Keyword Search

You may use one or more keywords to define a search, using "and," "or," or "not," such as:
dog - shows all images that have dogs.
dog and cat - shows images that have both dogs and cats.
dog or cat - shows images that have dogs, or cats, or both.
dog not cat - shows images that have dogs without cats.

Concept Search

Enter Concept keywords like "Risk, Service or Tranquility", or choose from the list on the Concept Search page.

Starts With Search

Enter a few letters of a word, then you'll see a list of keywords that begin with those letters.

Image Number Search

If you know the image ID number, you can use this option to bypass a more general search to view an image and its caption, download a comp, save it to a lightbox, or order it. If you have an old image ID number, then we can translate it for you.

Magnifying Glass

Click the magnifying glass under a thumbnail or click the image to view a larger version and to read caption information. Clicking on the thumbnail also allows you to add the image to a lightbox, order it, or do a keyword search based on that image's keywords. Clicking on the magnifying glass brings up a preview-size image on a separate page that you can download for comps. To save this image on a Macintosh, click-and-hold on the image to view saving options. In Windows, right-click on the image. All previews are watermarked to remind you they may not be used without our permission except for layout purposes. If you need larger images without watermarks for comp purposes, please go to the "My Account" page and click on "Upgrade My Account" to apply for this feature.


Lightboxes are like folders for organizing your images. You may create any number of lightboxes, with unlimited images in each. You can email, display, create, rename, or delete a lightbox at the bottom of the Search Results page or via the navigation bar at the top of each page. To put an image in a lightbox, highlight (or create) the lightbox you want to use, then click the lightbox icon under a thumbnail image on the search screen.

Purchasing Images

Click the $ icon to bring up the order form. The information you provided at registration, and the ID number of the image you previewed, will automatically appear on the order form. To change the image number, just return to the search screen and click on the image of your choice, then go back to the order screen. You can also call or email us any time you have a question or if you want to order an image by phone.

Mac Download Help

We’ve learned from our users on Macintosh systems that downloading high-resolution images from our site works a bit differently for them than it does for our PC users. We have worked with our programmers on this and believe that we now have an effective and trouble-free process for Mac users.

Once you’re registered and approved for high-resolution downloads, follow this process:

1. Preview the image you want to download.

2. Click the "shopping cart" icon; the high-resolution image will then begin to open in your browser window. Be sure to click just once on the shopping cart icon. Holding the mouse button down on this icon will cause the icon itself to be downloaded, rather than your image.

NOTE: If there are any items in your shopping cart, this will prevent your file from downloading. Make a note of anything in your cart you wish to download, then empty your cart and try your downloads again.

3. Once the image has been fully revealed in your browser, a dialogue box will appear telling you to hold down your mouse for a couple seconds in order to download the image. Once you do this, a second dialogue box will appear asking you what you would like to do with the file. Make your choice and your file will download.

NOTE: If you click the shopping cart no new browser window opens, you need to change your settings for your browser to accept popups. This is a Safari default setting and can be easily switched off for downloads on our site. Just open the menu under "SAFARI" in your menu-bar while Safari is active and uncheck "Block Pop-Up Windows". Your download should begin without trouble after this. Other browsers may have similar issues. Simply check your settings for to allow pop-up windows from our site.

Mac users with too little RAM may still experience difficulty opening a high-resolution image in a browser. How much RAM is enough? The answer varies from system to system, and also depends on what other applications you have running. If your image downloads very slowly or hangs up entirely, you’ve got too little RAM for this operation.

If you experience downloading problems, please call us at 425-562-1543 and we’ll be glad to work the issue through with you or else we can put your image into the "Client Pickup" area of our site and send you the proper password for instant delivery.

As always, if you experience any difficulty with the Danita Delimont Stock Photography site, call our technical department at 425-562-1543 or e-mail

Research Help

We enjoy assisting our clients personally and will search for you at no charge. We can post possibilities to a lightbox for you, or send you slides and/or photocopies of pictures not yet available on the website. You can ask for our assistance via the "Custom Search" link on the Home page, or call or email us. Our knowledge of travel, wildlife, and world culture, as well as our expertise about our collection, make our staff a resource you may often want to employ. And, we enjoy talking with you!